My Story, and how aloe vera can help with multiple sclerosis.

In 2009 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I'd been feeling unwell for sometime and had constant pain in my torso, numbness in my legs and feet, chronic fatigue and constant headaches.

Although my condition improved a little I continued to suffer from the same symptoms for a further two years until.

All that changed one day I was approached about a Forever Living Products. Initially I was approached in reagrds to the business opportinity but we also then discovered what a great range of products Forever Living sold and how some of them may help with Multiple Sclerosis.

I started drinking 50 milliliters of Aloe three times a day (four bottles a month). As the days went by, I started to feel better and better. Little by little, my pain, exhaustion, depression, muscle spasms in my legs, aching veins and other lesser problems, which had been accumulating for years, melted away.

After two months I was feeling much better and after four months I felt completely healthy and fit for work. At that point I reduced the dosage of Aloe to 50-60 milliliters per day and I have kept taking it without interruptions to this day. I would double the dose in days of increased strain, for example, during the flu season. In the meantime, I started testing other FLP products, which together with Aloe Vera made a huge impact on my quality of life.

Since that time and to this day, I've had no health problems, not even a common cold.

Although medical science has began to discover the mechanisms by which Aloe Vera acts on the human body, it still holds a lot of secrets. I now understand those who compare the mystery of Aloe Vera with the mystery of Creation.

Aloe Vera restored my joy of living.

Its power in aiding with the regulation of bowls, epilepsy, depression, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, and a host of other ailments is beneficial to humans

So if you have Multiple Sclerosis and want to know how Aloe Vera can help with Multiple Sclerosis then I would suggest Drinking Aloe vera Gel each day. For headaches use Aloe Heat Lotion which can also be applied to the legs for help with numbness and pain. I would also suggest drinking Aloe Argi each day.